SHP Singles – Results

SHP Singles – Results

A great turn out for the SHP Singles competition at eagle sports friday 18th December.

And a great night of 1 v 1 darts battles ended with a very closely fought final.

The winner on the night was Dean Pindard  (Alliance)


Results on the night as follows:


Group one
M Lagar (crom ) beat S A Jones (earl)  to win group .


Group two
S Lawrence (vul) beat K Stringer (all)   to win group.


Group three
S Gow (ptp) beat D Shoebridge (how) to win group.


Group four
J Mcghee (ptp) beat P Wright (ptp) to win group.


Group five
D Pindard (all) beat J Miller (ptt) to win group.


Group six
C Morris (pop) beat J Brammeld (ptp) to win group.


Group seven
B Jones (all) beat G Mccormick (all) to win group.


Group eight
P Lloyd (ptp) beat A Kennedy (xbar) to win group.


D Pindard (all) beat S Lawrence (vul)
B Jones (all) beat P Lloyd (ptp)
J Mcghee (ptp) beat C Morris (pops)
S Gow (ptp) beat M Lagar (crom)


S Gow (ptp) beat B Jones (all)
D Pindard (all) beat J Mcghee (ptp)


D Pindard (all) beat S Gow (ptp)