Rules & Regulations

WDO Rules & Regulations

General Rules

  1. The WDO will be governed by an Executive Committee of Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. Chairman as one post, Secretary as one post and Treasurer as one post, filled by two people. Plus a minimum of one other person to serve as a committee member, all elected for a one year term.
  2. Committee members must be a registered player of a darts team registered within the WDO.
  3. Committee members must not be members of other darts Committees or have duties which are deemed to be a conflict of interest with WDO’s own without prior consent and may result in suspension. They must also refrain from personal individual comments on social media web sites that may be read as the feeling of the WDO.
  4. All nominations for election to the committee must be in the Secretaries hands 7 days prior to election.
  5. Each team per night will have the right to vote through their delegate at the relevant meeting.
  6. Teams wishing to enter the WDO must do so by the date set by the Committee for each season.
  7. Entry fees must be paid at the Registration meeting.
  8. Teams must submit player registration sheets with their team registration monies.
  9. It is the responsibility of individual club Captain/Secretary to ensure that a player has not played for more than one team, on one night, in any one season. Any player found to be in infringement of this rule will be brought before the Committee to explain the matter. A resolution will then be sought which could result in suspension.
  10. No transfers are allowed, unless in situations of exceptional circumstance.
  11. A player with duel registration i.e. plays for one team on a Monday and a different one on a Friday must decide which team they wish to play for in any team competitions.
  12. Any team wishing to register a player after the start of the season must register this player with the Committee prior to the game.  This is only allowed up to the halfway point in the season
  13. Teams are invited to monthly meetings at which they will be given updates and the opportunity to air their views regarding any matters.
  14. Teams failing to fulfil fixtures will be called before the Committee to explain the situation. Further offences could leave them liable to expulsion.
  15. At the end of each season there will only be a play off for first place if points are the same, second and below will share any monies due.
  16. Each leg of darts is worth one point for a win and half for a draw.
  17. Fixtures can be rearranged with the Committee’s approval giving at least 72hrs notice. Both teams must also be willing to rearrange the said fixture.
  18. Teams can only have one game awaiting rearrangement at any one time.
  19. In the event of withdrawal or expulsion of any team the record of that team will be modified. Providing the halfway point has been reached the results will stand for the first half and the second half will be expunged. All outstanding games will be regarded as byes.
  20. The Committee shall have the complete authority over all activities of the WDO and its decisions shall be final and binding in any protest, dispute or interpretation of these rules. The Committee shall have the power to suspend any person from the activities of the WDO if it is considered that the person has brought the WDO into disrepute by their actions or statements. Appeals may be made to the Committee on any rulings; they must state what the objection is to. An appeal Committee consisting of three representatives from member clubs will reassess the decision with the Committee.
  21. A team must inform the Committee if there is a change in their home venue.
  22. Any player banned from a particular pub or club will not be permitted to play in the WDO activities at that venue unless permission is given by the landlord/steward.
  23. All trophies and monies should be collected on presentation night. They will not be held indefinitely.
  24. Trophies should be returned in the same condition as when received, the holders must make any loss or damage good to WDO agreement.
  25. WDO funds are held at a bank or building society of the Committee’s choosing.
  26. At the end of each winter season there will be a breakdown available of how WDO monies have been allocated.
  27. There will be an annual general meeting (AGM) at the end of each winter season. At this any proposed amendments will be voted on. Any proposals must be with the Committee in writing one month before.
  28. All rules should be adhered to and any infringements may result in disqualification.
  29. It is the responsibility of Committee members and officials to ensure the WDO does not go into debt; however they shall not be personally liable for any prosecution against the WDO.

League Darts

  1. All teams must play on the standard size dart board with 20 at the top.
  2. The height of the Bulls eye from the floor should be 5’ 8”, the minimum throwing distance is 7’. Two marks are required on the footer, one at 7ft and one at 7ft 9 ¼ and where possible a raised footer should be on the minimum distance mark of 7ft
  1. Matches are played on a Monday or Friday as applicable. The visiting team is allowed use of the board from 8.15pm – 8.30pm, taking into account late arrivals from work etc. Teams have the right to claim a game if their opponents are not in attendance by 8.30pm, however a phone call or acknowledgement that you may be late would be appreciated.
  2. Any player who wishes to practise at half time can do so. Half time would usually be at the end of the singles matches under the current format. With Captains agreement though this can be altered as long as it is decided before the start of the game.
  3. The game will consist of 6 x 2 singles legs and 3 x 2 doubles legs. The doubles legs being alternative darts e.g. 3 from team A and 3 from team B, not 6 from team A followed by 6 from team B. A team can play with a minimum of 6 players that meaning the same players can play doubles as well as singles or can use up to a maximum or 12 players. A draw is made to determine opponent and/or partner for doubles. The away team Captain will decide the order of play but it is expected that requests made by either Captain for players to be called early or late for work or other reasons would be granted. This must be done before the draw is started.
  4. Games will be played round the board, doubles up to 10 counting. The game is finished by scoring the first double obtained by either player and the Bull (either 25 or 50). If no double is obtained scoring double 20 and Bull will finish the game. Equal darts are recognised.
  5. The home team will throw first in every game in League matches. If two players tie their game this will stand as a draw. Each player can have 6 practise darts once their name has been called.
  6. A player may stand anywhere behind the 7’ marker but must not encroach over this mark.
  7. A dart entering a required number will count providing it remains in position until the next dart is thrown. In the case of the last dart the referee decides.
  8. The visiting Captain will choose the referee of the games and his word is final. No darts to be thrown until referee calls ‘game on’. Players must abide by the referee’s decisions.
  9. Named players cannot be substituted for someone else unless the game has reached a result or the player is no longer present. 4 of the 6 named singles players must be present when the draw is made.
  10. A nominated person for each team must forward the result and least darts to the appropriate Committee member by TXT within 36hrs of match completion.
  11. In today’s times we must accept that in some pubs/clubs there may be some other activities going on while we are playing darts, we must try to appreciate this as long as this doesn’t go beyond an appropriate level.

Competition darts

  1. Entries to competitions will be open to players registered in the WDO unless otherwise stated. Details and dates will a mark appear on individual entry forms.