501 Guidance


Message from the WDO Committee…

Some teams have expressed the wish to have the option to have 501 in the summer league from 2017. So for summer seasons from 2017 teams will offered the choice of either ‘round the board’ or ‘501’ or maybe even a ‘hybrid’ to get things started. The winter leagues would remain around the board.

As you are aware we are trialling 501 this summer in some group games. Any points gained do not count towards league positions. Feedback from these games will be taken into account for any future formats. Also as you are aware as requested a 501 competition will take place over the winter season. The time taken to play legs has a great bearing on what format/number of legs will be played in this competition. So bearing this in mind, the format for the trial games will be as follows. 6 x 1 leg singles 501, plus 3 x 2 leg doubles 501, a total of 12 legs. If some teams find the 3 x 2 leg doubles too long, play 3 x 1 leg doubles.

On sending your results through please add, if possible, length of time taken on average to play a singles game and also a doubles game. There will obviously be committee members playing in these games who will be able to get a good feel of time taken to play games.


The Regulations

The height of the board will be 5’ 8” and the throw a minimum of 7’, also ensure a mark of 7’ 9¼” is present. The legs will be alternative darts i.e. home side throw off in odd numbered legs and the away side first in even numbered legs. The away side will decide the order of play. First to finish will win the leg and there won’t be equal darts. It will be straight off, no double to start, normal 501 finish i.e. double or centre bull.

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated as this will have an influence and bearing on our future.

Any questions please contact a committee member.

Thank you.